Start Off The Fall Season In A Healthy Way!


Make A Change That You Can Keep – Better Health & Energy In Just 10 Days!

Once September hits, time seems to escape us, and next thing you know the holiday season will be upon us. Fall is a great time to try a cleansing program so that your body, mind and spirit will feel your best as we enter the busiest months of the year.  Fall cleanses allow us to create some good habits so that we stay active and positive as the weather gets colder.  Avoid the fall & winter “blahs” that can weigh you down and leave you feeling less than your best…bloated, moody, foggy-headed, and just plain tired.  Get on track and join our Fall Detox Program that starts on September 26th!

Because Everyone Is Different…

We offer two very different Detoxification Programs to suit your individual needs.

ClearChange10 is a 10-day intensive program where the main focus is to improve liver and digestive function and reduce inflammation in the body.  It is a great cleanse for those who are generally healthy, trying to rev up their metabolism, and not taking many medications.  The main supplement is a medical shake, UltraClear Renew, which works on optimizing toxin removal from the body’s tissues, decreasing inflammation, plus heavy metal removal.  The shake will be consumed between 1-4X daily, with a 3-day fast where you consume mostly the shake for the 3 days.  The kit also includes AdvaClear for additional liver support, a shaker cup, and a booklet will full details of the timing of the supplements and the detox diet.  You may eat as much as you would like, but of course you will have to eliminate foods such as gluten, coffee, pop, sugar, dairy, eggs, and red meat for the 10-days.  Most people feel more energetic, improved sleep, improved digestion and “lighter” after doing the ClearChange10 Detox.

TotalDrainage10 is also a 10-day drainage program, but much gentler than ClearChange10.  Therefore it is good for people who have chronic illnesses, highly stressed, a high score on Detox Questionnaire, or are taking several medications.  The detox diet is the same as in ClearChange10, however it does not include a 3-day fast and you consume as much of the recommended foods as you need.  This cleanse focus on the liver, kidneys, digestive, and lymphatic systems.   The kit includes a Biotherapeutic Drainage Kit, Digest Plus (digestive enzymes), Lymphdiaral Drops (for lymphatic drainage), AFA-Gen (to alkalinize the body), and HMF Neuro Capsules (probiotics for gut health).  You will also receive a folder containing the detox diet and timing of the supplements.  Most people feel improved sleep, improved digestion, more energy, reduced inflammation in skin (e.g. dermatitis/eczema) after doing the TotalDrainage10 Detox.

Bring A Friend

The Clear Change Program is even easier when you have the added support of a friend, co-worker, or family member. You can share menu ideas, meals, and helpful tips while keeping each other on track. Plus, you’re helping someone you care about while you take care of yourself!

Ready To Register?

You may still have some questions.  Check out the FAQ & Questions document for more info.  Still have questions?  Feel free to book a free 10-minute phone chat with Dr. Misa to see if our Detox Program is right for you.

Once you’ve decided which Detox Program you would like to do, fill out the Detox Registration Form as well as the Detox Questionnaire and email ( or fax (905-773-5847) them to us!

You can also come and pick up your Detox Kit anytime during office hours.  You will start receiving emails from Dr. Misa a few days before the official start of the detox on September 26th!

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