Fix Your Thoughts…End Your Suffering

Have you ever wondered why as humans, we suffer?  One of the primary reasons that we suffer is because we believe what we think.  The negative thoughts in our heads come uninvited into our consciousness, swirl around, and we attach to them.  These thoughts cause us to behave strangely, cause us to get into conflict with oneself and others.  Thought separates, classifies, names and divides.  It explains.  We’ve become trapped in a world of dreams, a world in which we live primarily in our minds.

When we really begin to look at suffering, what suffers ultimately is me and you.  It’s our sense of self that suffers, that feels strain, anxiety, alienation and loneliness.  We need to come from a healthy sense of self.

For more insight, consider joining one of our upcoming meditation workshops!  Healthy mind, healthy body.

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