Flu Vaccines – Are You Getting Yours This Year?

Flu Vaccines, Other Prevention Measures and Pascoleucyn

I really like the Reader’s Digest magazine!

I like that it has informative articles and story telling.  And I love that it has Canadian content.

Two days ago they posted a good article entitled “5 Reasons To Get The Flu Shot Now”.  It is timely from a prevention perspective as flu season is fast approaching.

The flu shot can certainly help provide a measure of protection against getting influenza this season and we think certain populations like seniors and those in key medical support positions should consider getting one.

However, there is both good and bad associated with the flu shot that anyone considering it should be aware of so that you can make an educated choice on the matter.

  1. The flu vaccine is only effective if it matches the circulating viruses.  Every year a prediction is made by the CDC on which virus strains they believe will predominate that season.  According to data from the CDC last year, the flu vaccine was 56% effective against the targeted strains of H3N2 and H1N1.   In 2011-12, the vaccine efficacy was lower at 52%.  While some additional measure of protection is certainly better than none, it’s safe to say that the vaccine isn’t as effective as we all might hope.
  2. Medications including vaccines have side effects.  According to the Public Health Agency of Canada: “Mild side-effects can occur but rarely last more than 48 hours. Severe allergic reactions are possible but occur less than once in every million vaccinations in Canada and are treatable.”  Examples of these severe reactions have popped up in the news in the past.  While indeed rare, it can still happen.  The minor side effects that doctors typically warn about are soreness/redness around the injection site, low grade fever and aches/pains that should be short-lived.
  3. Since getting a flu shot does offer a measure of protection for yourself, if you are healthy then it decreases the risk for others around you also.  If enough people subscribe to this theory, then it offers our society something call HERD IMMUNITY.  This is a good thing.

Probably the best starting point in avoiding the flu, is to work on boosting your immune system and following good hygiene practices.

You can reduce your risk of getting influenza or spreading it to others by:

  • washing your hands regularly
  • promptly disposing of used tissues in the waste basket
  • coughing and sneezing int0 your sleeve or shirt instead of your hands
  • staying home when you are ill

For a stronger immune system, try one or more of the following:

  • get enough sleep every day!
  • high dose Vitamin C through real foods and supplementation
  • NATURAL honey
  • Vitamin D and Zinc
  • Oregano Oil
  • Astragalus and Ginseng – popular Chinese herbs

Additional ideas can be found here at Best Health Magazine (which is an offshoot of Reader’s Digest!).

Pascoleucyn Drops and ForteFinally, we will also be having our annual FLU CLINIC here at Meridian Wellness on Saturday October 26th from 9-2pm.  We are giving ‘shots’ of Pascoleucyn…a wonderful natural immune system booster.

This product is supported by research to show when taken during the first onset of a flu, it decreases the severity of the symptoms and length of illness significantly in children and adults. That is why we started using it as a preventative treatment to boost the immune system to fight off a cold or flu before it becomes full-​blown.

Pascoleucyn is appropriate for adults and children!  Call the office today for more information or to schedule your family’s ‘flu shot’ appointment at Meridian Wellness!



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