Graston Technique For Pain In the News!

One the of the great things about being a chiropractor is the opportunity to regularly learn and implement new therapies so that my patients can get better results faster! One specialized treatment for acute and chronic pain injuries of the back, neck, shoulder, elbows, knees and feet is called Graston Technique. I’ve been certified for GT since 2008 and it has been amazing how well it works at breaking up scar tissue and adhesions in soft tissue injuries. I found an ABC news segment from San Francisco featuring Graston Technique that you can watch below:



My most recent success cases using the GT tools in conjunction with laser therapy were on:

  1. a 52 year old female patient with plantar fasciitis that was an avid volleyball player
  2. a 35 year old male patient with rotator cuff tendinitis from being a regular CrossFit participant
  3. a 67 year old female patient recovering from knee replacement surgery
  4. a 49 year old male patient suffering with lateral epicondylitis / tennis elbow…no, he doesn’t play tennis either…just a desk jockey

The Graston instruments do indeed look like medieval torture tools and when I work on the affected tissue it certainly is no walk in the park.  But it sure works!

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