How Chiropractic Helped Sidney Crosby’s Post-Concussion Syndrome

There was a wonderful, front cover article in the November 3, 2011 issue of Maclean’s magazine entitled “Rebuilding Sidney Crosby’s Brain”.  If you haven’t read it before it’s definitely a MUST READ.  As you probably know, Canada’s hockey hero and already-future-hall-of-famer at only age 24, sustained a serious concussion after being hit during the Winter Classic gamein January this year.  Crosby would miss the rest of the 2010-11 NHL season and still has yet to play a game for the Pittsburgh Penguins this season.  Despite having seen the best medical specialists in North America, receiving the full gamut of medical diagnostics and supposedly the best treatments available for concussion, Crosby made little progress towards resuming his normal life.  Or at least up until August of this year when his agent arranged for him to try something different from the medical norm down near Atlanta, Georgia.  He attended the Carrick Institute and had a consultation with Dr. Ted Carrick, a Canadian-born chiropractor who specializes in a field called Chiropractic Neurology.

You can watch this recent press conference where Dr. Carrick and Sidney discuss his amazing progress after receiving this specialized form of chiropractic treatment.  Although there are medical critics (OF COURSE…because they didn’t come up with it!), the diagnostics and therapy Crosby underwent is basically a blend of currently available medical procedures but designed into a unique protocol that allows a patient to re-program his brain and nervous system.

Sidney Crosby began practicing with his Penguins team during training camp in September.  He was cleared by the medical staff in mid-October to trade his white practice helmet for a black one, indicating he is allowed to take contact from other players during practice again.  He and everyone, are still waiting for the day when he can officially take the ice again in a regular NHL game and it appears that it should be very soon.  Due to, in no small part, a Canadian Chiropractic Neurologist.

Chiropractic is typically viewed and proven to be helpful for neck and back problems.  However, the field of chiropractic has grown enormously over the years.  There are chiropractic rehabilitation specialists, radiology specialists, neurology, sports medicine, etc.  Today’s chiropractor is trained to do and use a variety of manual and technological tools to help patients beyond the regular chiropractic adjustment.

See your chiropractor regularly and experience all the wonderful benefits we have to offer!

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