Ice Massage For Your Injuries

No, our massage therapists are not offering this service as an alternative to HOT STONE MASSAGE!  Rather, ice massage is a simple and fast way to treat an acute or inflamed injury in lieu of the typical bag of ice for 15 minutes.  Next time you injure your back, sprain an ankle or fall on your knee, try this method instead.

First, you need to keep a styrofoam or paper cup of water frozen in the freezer for emergencies.  When it’s time to use it, peel off about 1-2 inches from the top of the cup to expose some of the ice.  Get yourself or whomever you are going to treat in a comfortable seated position or lying down.  Apply the ice gently and in circular motions around the injured area.  As the ice melts, it will make the area cold very FAST!  It is a bit messier than the usual bag of ice, but you can achieve the pain-relieving, swelling and inflammation reducing effects in just a fraction of the time.  In less than 5 minutes, once the tissue is cold, that area will feel numb and you can stop massaging.   For some of you who are always in a rush to be somewhere or do something, ice massage is a great time saver.  When you are done, simply discard the rest of the ice but remember to freeze another cup to use for another treatment later.  You can do this 2-3x a day.

This home treatment should especially help get you through the weekend until you can get yourself in to our office for additional therapy!

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