Laser Therapy For Kids’ Bumps and Bruises!

Being a parent is challenging sometimes! On Sunday night we were invited to our good friends Tim & Jo’s house for dinner. Our daughters love going there to play with their kids. When we got to their house, Calleigh started running toward the front door and tripped over a step on the walkway. It happened so fast, she didn’t get a chance to put her hands in front of her and fell hard on her face.

The first thing I thought is “don’t panic, assess the situation”—okay. She’s crying and is alert, so no apparent concussion. She’s moving normally, so no broken bones, I can pick her up and comfort her. There is a lot of blood, so I can’t see where it’s coming from…I’ve got some tissues in the car, let’s start stopping the bleed. Ok, teeth are still all there, the bleeding is coming from her nose and bottom lip. Her nose looks straight and not broken. Her nose and lips are really swollen, let’s get inside the house so we can get some ice. Where’s the Arnica or Traumeel? Oh darn, I took it out of my purse—mental note, always have it in my bag.

After about 30 minutes of applying ice, Calleigh was playing and laughing again. I could sit down and relax and that is when the emotions kick in (if you’re a parent you know what I mean!).

Keith had brought home his laser therapy machine because he injured his foot at a Tae Kwon Do tournament the day before. Go figure. Great, my whole family is so accident prone. So when we got home, first thing was giving Calleigh a dose of Traumeel, and then Keith applied laser to her nose, lip and chin for 5 minutes. Amazing. Already I could see a difference in swelling and redness in her face. Another dose of Traumeel, plus some Traumeel cream to the face and off to bed.

Today is Wednesday, and Calleigh’s face is healing superbly (is that a word?). She has been getting laser therapy every day to her face and there is no swelling at all, and the scrapes are healing quickly. Amazing!  Next time your child has a fall or bruise, bring them in to see Dr. Keith for laser!  Oh, and pick up some Traumeel too (tablets and cream).

Happy Easter!

Dr. Misa

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