Laser Therapy for Fractures

Last Tuesday June 14th, I was invited to go on air during the FAN590’s Andrew Krystal Show to talk about Vancouver Canuck’s Mason Raymond and the vertebral compression fracture that he sustained in Game 6 of the NHL finals.  (Click here to listen)

During the segment, I mentioned that Raymond’s compression fracture was the least severe out of the variety of spinal fractures that could occur.  This is because typically with the type of injury mechanism (torso flexed forward on impact), only the front portion of the vertebral body is fractured and becomes compressed and wedge-shaped.  It is what is considered a stable fracture.

A worser case scenario, given the mechanism of injury would be a BURST fracture.  In this case, both the front and back of the vertebral body is fractured and there is a strong danger of fractured segments shooting backwards into the spinal cord.  Burst fractures are classified as unstable.

I was relieved when I watched the replay to see two things: 1) as Raymond lay on the ice in obvious pain, you could see some movement of his legs occurring and 2) the Canucks’ trainer likely went through all the necessary screening questions and assessment and allowed Raymond to skate off the ice assisted by two teammates (showing an ability to bear weight and use his legs, albeit painfully).

It turns out that Raymond’s certainly was the former, more safer, compression fracture and he was able to attend Game 7 to cheer on the Canucks in a body brace.

One thing I didn’t get to talk about during the radio interview was how great the BIOFLEX laser we have at our Richmond Hill clinic, would be in helping to heal the fracture quickly and helping with Raymond’s pain.  My most recent fracture case was a Woodbine racetrack horse jockey who was thrown off his racehorse and trampled on.  The jockey sustained 3 rib fractures as a result.  By treating the fractures with low intensity laser, the jockey was pain-free in one week and back on his racehorse in 4 weeks….rib fractures typically take 6-8 weeks to heal.  The jockey was quite happy because if he doesn’t ride, he doesn’t get paid!

I’ve used laser also on ankle fractures, toe and finger fractures, broken clavicles, etc.  Next time you or someone you know manages to break a bone, shed some light on the situation….get some LASER THERAPY on it!

Until next time…your friendly neighbourhood Richmond Hill chiropractor!

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