Natural Flu ‘Shot’ for Your Family in Richmond Hill

What is Pascoleucyn?

This product is supported by research to show when taken during the first onset of a flu, it decreases the severity of the symptoms and length illness significantly in children and adults. That is why we started using it as a preventative treatment to boost the immune system to fight off a cold or flu before it becomes full-blown.

It can be administered as an injection in arm or as a “shot” in the mouth and is taken in two separate doses, in October and January. It can also be used in conjunction with the conventional medical flu shot.

It is safe for all age groups, however it does contain Echinacea so patients with allergies to the daisy family should avoid this product, but you can talk to our naturopath Dr. Misa about other ways to keep your immune system healthy for the fall and winter months!

Here are some handy health tips to get yourself started!

Please call to schedule your natural flu shot…905-773-5794

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