Research Shows That Massage Therapy Is More Effective Than Medication!

A recent study published in The Annals Of Internal Medicine shows that massage therapy is actually more effective and produced better results than more advanced procedures such as the use of painkillers, muscle relaxants, or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Oddly enough, despite all the advances in technology, medications and procedures, one of the most effective cures for non-specific back pain is the age-old technique of massage therapy.

In the research study, 400 adults in their mid-40s who experienced chronic and moderately severe low back pain were carefully selected to participate. The subjects were then randomly chosen to receive either their usual care or a one-hour massage once a week for ten weeks. Massages were either the more traditional type, or specialized procedures targeting specific regions and releasing tension in specific tissues and joints. At the end of the study, the ones who received the massage therapy showed marked improvement over those who had received more traditional care.

The back is composed of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and intervetebral discs and any one of these can be the source of your back pain. However, the most common causes are strained muscles and ligaments, improper or heavy lifting, or sudden, awkward movements.  Sometimes a specific cause cannot be found.

Fortunately, the benefits of back pain massage treatment include:

  1. Improved range of motion in the neck, shoulders, back and torso
  2. Postural improvement
  3. Relief from headaches, neck and back pain
  4. Prevention of work-related muscle and joint injuries
  5. Enhanced athletic performanceImprovement of flexibility and range of motion
  6. Relief of pregnancy-related back ache

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