Do you sometimes feel stuck in life, find yourself repeating old patterns that are not serving you or just find that something is preventing you from experiencing all the joy and beauty life can offer?

Psychotherapy is defined as a personal interaction one on one with a Psychotherapist. It is an interpersonal relationship that can help you increase your sense of well being.


Would you like to better understand yourself and your relationships with others?
Are you experiencing unexplained anxiety, pain or stress?

Our bodies hold emotion which can manifest into physical pain. Learn techniques to transform those emotions and stop the pain.  By exploring and being curious about emotional blockages we can get in touch with who we really are and make positive changes.


The Psychotherapist is a facilitator to your healing. The therapist is there to LISTEN and offer positive reinforcement. By using a variety of techniques, the therapist can assist the client in discovering themselves and how they show up in life situations.

The techniques include:

  • talk therapy,
  • breathing exercises,
  • guided imagery,
  • creative visualization,
  • meditation,
  • body work,
  • tools for self help such as small assignments to do between sessions.

The work is not only done in sessions but must be continually worked on outside the therapy relationship.

Some areas where psychotherapy can help are:

  • enhancing self-awareness,
  • anxiety/stress/fear,
  • relationship issues,
  • low self-esteem/confidence,
  • anger,
  • difficulty connecting and expressing feelings

I offer a safe, non judgmental and confidential space where you can speak freely and honestly. I will help facilitate your healing and growth with compassion and understanding and with respect for your own inner wisdom.

I understand the courage it takes to do inner discovery work because I am in a continuous process of discovery myself.

Who am I? I bring to the relationship 13 years of holistic health experience working in a variety of fields from Nursing Homes, spas and clinics in the Kitchener, Cambridge, and Toronto areas.

I am passionate about learning. Reading being a great hobby of mine. I continue my path of continuing education both in the Massage and Psychotherapy fields to better understand the needs of self and others.

Awareness plus Acceptance plus Action = Change.