(Back Pain) This was a great success…very pleased with the results…

I arrived here about 1 ½ months ago with a worried look on my face. I am sure Dr. Tse felt I was about to pass out from my concerns asking question after question and drilling him on his knowledge of the subject. As he is a very well-mannered and calm person, he politely comforted me in making me understand the commonality of my problem and the ease of correcting it. So there was a solution to my back pain. GREAT!!!

I was excited because I felt I was being treated like a big time sports athlete as Dr. Tse mentioned the laser treatment I was about to undertake for the next several weeks was used on the Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors players. So I went out and told all my friends of which those that expressed interest I gave out Dr. Tse’s contact info.

In the end 15 treatments later I feel that this was a great success and I am very pleased with the results as my back issue feels just about normal again, which coming from a person with a short fuse on worrying about things is a very good thing. Thanks for all your help and I hope we don’t have to meet on the same circumstances again!

~ Michael Zeni, Richmond Hill