Richmond Hill Chiropractor Clinic - Meridian Wellness - Tennis Elbow Client

(Lateral Epicondylitis aka Tennis Elbow) I returned to the gym & without pain

I injured both of my elbows approximately four years ago from overuse & strain. I tried conventional therapy at a sports injury clinic near my home but found very little comfort or healing.

Many times the simple task of lifting a glass of water or shaking hands with someone resulted in pain. My exercise routine was a thing of the past. Each time I would try to return to the gym, even the lightest workout would be very uncomfortable.

I had all but given up on my active lifestyle until one morning when I heard a radio advertisement about Low Intensity Laser Therapy. After just three visits with Dr. Tse I began to see results. I would wake in the morning with no pain or stiffness. Upon finishing my therapy I returned to the gym & without pain. My active lifestyle is back!

Thank you Dr. Tse!

~ Lorne B., Newmarket