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(Neck Pain) 100% better…chronic pain is gone…full function of my neck

I came into Meridian Wellness in pretty bad shape. I had a kink in my neck and a few days later could not move my head and had severe pain running down my arm. I was recommended to see Dr. Tse from a family member who was also a patient in the clinic. I have been working with Dr. Tse for almost 6 weeks and I am amazed! He has been using Laser to help heal my neck and only after one session we both saw a huge improvement. Prior to Dr. Tse I had gone to the emergency room three times in tremendous pain and I had not really slept for three weeks because the pain was so extreme.

I can now say that I am 100% better. The chronic pain is gone, I am sleeping again, have full function of my neck and can return happily to my normal life again. I am very thankful for Dr. Tse’s professionalism and knowledge with respect to my injury! Laser has worked wonders for me and Dr. Tse is someone I will continue to see if anything else goes wrong in the future…. Hopefully not but you never know!!!

~ Irene B., Newmarket