My Verdict On Tim Horton’s Real Fruit Smoothies

A few weeks ago I decided to try the medium-size Mixed Berry Real Fruit Smoothie (without yogurt) from Tim Hortons.  I was eager to see if it tasted just as good as the smoothies I make with my Magic Bullet at home.  Well, was I disappointed.  It was too watery for my liking.  Yes, they boast a full serving of fruit in every cup, but you can certainly taste the sugar!!!  For those of you on my FirstLine Therapy (FLT) weight management program, stay away!!!  It will surely spike your blood sugar.  It was so sweet, I threw away half of it.After I got back to the office, I looked up the nutritional information on these smoothies.  At 180 calories, it is actually 2 servings of fruit in the FLT meal plan.  No fat, not surprising.  Now check out the carbs, 47g and sugar, 43g.  So basically the entire 180 calories is from sugar.  Vitamin C (which is abundant in berries) is so negligible in this beverage, they claim zero grams of Vitamin C! So once again, it’s all SUGAR with little nutritional value.What I found kind of amusing is that if you have 3 Lemon-filled timbits, the total calories is 180, and yes, 3g saturated fat, but only 27g carbs and 12g of sugar (and even 1 g protein!).  Now, I’m not saying you can go eating more timbits, but the take home message is, the Real Fruit Smoothie is all SUGAR and has little nutritional value.

I’m going to stick to my own smoothies at home with my Magic Bullet (I love that thing, we go through one every year at my house!)  At least I can control what goes in it, and save some $$.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Dr. Misa

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