Mike Grafstein, RMT

“If you cannot be king then be a healer”

As you are aware many massage therapists perform deep tissue or relaxation massage and treat the neck and back. I do this as well as treat and rehab sport injuries and in particular concussions. My wife thinks I’m a professional student because of my never ending quest to find a better way to help you.

Over the last several years my continuing education courses have focused on sport injury and concussion assessment, treatment and management.

So why something different than “traditional massage”?

I grew up a typical active boy with my share of visits to the hospital with more than bumps and bruises and in all the years playing sports, I came to realize that I have had several concussions. With all my injuries, I never received the proper rehab or care. This was not unusual for back then, because who knew what a concussion was? It is because of this personal experience I can sympathize with the pain and frustration related to concussions and sport injuries.

My passion is helping you overcome your sport injuries including concussions, introducing injury prevention strategies and concussion awareness and treatment.

Do you like being sidelined from school, work or sport? I find magic happens when I work one on one with you, listening to your wants and needs and then providing you with the education and specific individualized treatment plan to get you there.

My goal for you is simple – provide you with the information you need so you can feel, move and live better.

Along with my traditional massage therapy techniques, I specialize in 2 manual treatment systems: Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy and am currently working on a third – Matrix Repatterning.

All three ways of treating are noninvasive and gentle. As needed, I give you the appropriate exercises to complement the treatment in the clinic.

Imagine being empowered with both the knowledge and tools to feel, move and live better.

What are you waiting for? I look forward to working with you.


Bachelor of Physical Education Brock University 1989
Diploma of Sport Injury Management Sheridan College 1991
Diploma of Massage and Hydrotherapy Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy 2000
Registered Massage Therapist RMT
Registered Kinesiologist R.Kin
Certified Sport Massage Therapist SMT(C)
Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C)
Shift Concussion Program Management Certified Provider
Senior Therapist Bryst Football Academy (Soccer)