(Low back pain & cervical disc herniation) …the pain was gone…and I could return to my normal lifestyle again.

The first contact with Meridian Wellness was after I moved to Oak Ridges looking for a Chiropractor and a Massage Therapist to heal my lower back pain. As I stepped inside the clinic, I was immediately impressed by the welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, and the interior design. I met Dr. Keith Tse, Chiropractic Doctor, and Troy Miller, Massage Therapist, and  after I described the symptoms, Dr.  Tse recommended a few sessions with Low Intensity Laser Therapy  and a number of stretching exercises. Troy also suggested Massage Therapy and Reiki. After the first three sessions of alternating Laser Therapy with different techniques of Massage and Reiki , the pain decreased considerable and after two months the pain was gone. Dr. Tse and Troy were very confident about the effectiveness  of the treatments and in the end they were right to be so.

A few months later, I went to the emergency room with a tremendous pain in my neck, shoulder, and arm. Due to this I was unable to move my head, to feel my fingers, to sleep, to do my job, to drive  or do  any other effort. The CT diagnosed me with large cervical  disc herniation and the neurosurgeon said that next time when I will have the same symptoms, a surgery to replace the damaged disc should be considered.

I came into Meridian Wellness again to ask for help from Dr. Tse and Troy, and, once again, they showed their professionalism and knowledge in what they do. After two weeks of intensive (every day) Laser Therapy alternated with Massage techniques and Reiki, I was able to drive, to stop taking the painkillers and the numbness in my fingers and arm subsided. After three weeks of therapies, I was able to restart my job and to sleep better. I continued the therapies, but I progressively began decreasing the number of sessions and, after three months I was 100% better. The pain was gone, I had full function of my neck, shoulder and arm and I could return to my normal lifestyle again. Now, I go once a month to do one laser therapy  and  one massage session to maintain my well being, and I hope that by doing this I can delay or even eliminate completely a risky surgery.

Anyone who is in any kind of pain, strain or spasm, or even if you only want to relax, or to improve your energetic flow in your body, I highly recommend  meeting these two wonderful people from Meridian Wellness. They will know how to give you your smile back!!

~ Anca B.,   Oak Ridges