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Medical Acupuncture



We offer different types of acupuncture at our north Richmond Hill / Oak Ridges clinic.  Acupuncture is a therapeutic method used to encourage natural healing, reduce or relieve pain and improve function of affected areas of the body. It involves the insertion of very fine sterilized needles into specific parts of the body to stimulate the body's own repair mechanisms.

One of the most striking aspects of acupuncture is the almost complete absence of adverse effects and complications from its use. Most patients find that the treatments are relaxing and cause minimal discomfort. Treatment sessions usually last between 15 and 30 minutes. Relief may be immediate or occur within a few hours or after a few days.

​Acupuncture is a very old medical art, and there are many approaches to learning and practising it.

Medical Acupuncture - Dr. Keith Tse, DC & Jasmine Chan, PT


Medical acupuncture is the term used to describe acupuncture performed by a doctor trained and licensed in Western medicine who has also had thorough training in acupuncture as a specialty practice.


In Medical Acupuncture, needling specific parts of the body can result in various positive changes to the nervous system, endocrine system (hormones), circulatory system (blood flow) or musculoskeletal system (muscles & joints).


There is a release of pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins that help block pathways that relay pain messages from the body to the brain, resulting in relief of pain, general relaxation and restoration of the body's internal regulation systems.

Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling are methods that we use primarily towards treating pain and neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction. 

Dr. Keith received certification in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University in 2003, followed by Anatomical Acupuncture from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada in 2005, Dry Needling certification from the American Dry Needling Institute in 2011 and most recently Motor Point Acupuncture certification in 2017.  Jasmine also received certification in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University.

Conditions Treated with Medical Acupuncture

  • Neck and back pain

  • Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries

  • Tendonitis

  • Sprains and strains

  • Golfer’s elbow / Tennis elbow

  • Jumper’s knee

  • Sciatica and Herniated discs

  • Arthritis pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • And more!

Traditional Acupuncture - Dr. Misa Kawasaki, ND

Traditional Acupuncture follows the ancient theory that channels of energy (called "qi") run in specific patterns through the body. These energy channels, called meridians, are like rivers flowing through the body to nourish tissues and organs. An obstruction in the movement of these energy rivers is like a dam that causes a blockage, resulting in health issues such as painful periods, headaches, constipation, a "busy or racing" mind, and muscle stiffness.

The meridians can be influenced by needling the acupuncture points; the acupuncture needles unblock the obstructions at the dams, and re-establish the regular flow through the meridians. Acupuncture treatments using the traditional method can therefore help the body’s internal organs to correct these imbalances.

Traditional Acupuncture is the method that Dr. Misa & Dr. Mary use in her practice. They have extensive experience treating infertility, late pregnancy (labour induction), migraines, anxiety and painful periods.

Conditions Treated with Traditional Acupuncture

  • Irregular & painful periods

  • Infertility

  • Migraines & headaches

  • Digestive conditions

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety & stress

  • Anti-aging (cosmetic acupuncture)

Whatever problem you have, acupuncture at our north Richmond Hill / Oak Ridges clinic is an excellent treatment option to consider.  Since 2005, residents of Richmond Hill, Aurora, King City and Newmarket have chosen our acupuncture clinic for their health needs.  Just click one of the buttons below to schedule your initial consultation with one of us today!

Traditional Acupuncture
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