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Fertility, Pregnancy & Labour

Fertility - Dr. Misa Kawasaki, ND


Fertility treatment is quickly becoming one of the most important and pressing aspects of women's health today, and therefore it is a large percentage of my naturopathic practice at Meridian Spine + Sport in Richmond Hill/Oak Ridges.

In this high-demand-fast-paced society, women are choosing to have children later in life often well into their 30s and 40s. It also doesn’t help that more than ever, factors such as stress and environmental influences are increasingly playing a negative role in conception. Therefore, many couples are turning to assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures such as IUI and IVF which are very expensive and only offer a success rate of 30-45%.

Imagine how much better your chances of conceiving would be if you focused only on optimizing your overall health for 3 months prior to these procedures at a fertility clinic?

Natural Approaches to Fertility

Whether you are just starting to think about starting a family, or you have already been through multiple IVF procedures, naturopathic medicine can improve your reproductive health and your chances of having a strong, healthy baby. After meeting with you for an initial 75-minute consultation, I will develop a naturopathic fertility program that is customized just for you which will include the following:

  1. Investigate Health Issues: Conditions such as PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, irregular/absent periods, recurrent miscarriages, subclinical hypothyroidism that may be obstacles to pregnancy will be addressed.

  2. Detoxification: Removing accumulated toxins from your body before trying to conceive is important so that they aren't passed on to your newborn. A detox will support all of your body’s elimination organs like the liver, skin, lungs, kidneys and colon. Heavy metal testing may also be indicated. There are many different types of detox programs, and I will recommend one best suited for you.

  3. Optimize Nutrition: I will complete a thorough analysis of your current eating habits, including iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12 and make recommendations to improve your nutritional state. Food plays an essential role from pre-conception to pregnancy to lactation.

  4. Stress Management and Lifestyle Choices: Stress is an unavoidable fact of life. What is important in fertility is your ability to deal with that stress. Overworking, feeling so tired but wired that you can't sleep, constant mind-busyness, conflicts at home or work, financial burdens, shift work...these can all be obstacles to starting a family. Your treatment will include techniques to teach your body to relax, gain better sleep and achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Learn to manage your stress, don’t let stress manage you.

  5. Acupuncture: Chinese medicine has traditionally been used in fertility to stimulate the function of the ovaries to produce better eggs, to regulate the menstrual cycle, increase blood flow to the uterine lining, promoting relaxation and improving sleep. Weekly acupuncture based on the timing of your menstrual cycle is recommended for optimal results.

  6. Menstrual Cycle Tracking & Fertility Awareness: I will educate you on understanding your menstrual cycle and signs of fertility using tools such as urinary ovulation indicators, basal body temperature and cervical mucous monitoring.


Supporting your IVF & IUI Treatments

Did you know that it takes almost 3 months for any lifestyle changes you make to affect the quality of an egg, and about 2 months to affect the quality of sperm?  That is why it is recommended to begin taking folic acid, quit smoking, detoxify, lose weight, eat healthy, etc. all before this time in order to improve your fertility for IVF/IUI.  Remember that the size of an egg, quantity/quality/shape of the sperm do not tell us the quality of the DNA that is going to form your little ones!


Therefore it is recommended for both partners to begin naturopathic care to optimize health and take the appropriate supplements before your IVF/IUI.

Acupuncture Schedule for IVF or IUI:

If your IVF or IUI is scheduled in less than 6 weeks – acupuncture is recommended 2X per week.  The acupuncture treatment will change at different times of the cycle.


If your IVF or IUI is scheduled more than 6 weeks away – acupuncture is recommended 1X per week.  The acupuncture treatment will change at different times of the cycle.


IUI – Acupuncture will be performed the evening before your IUI.  Special arrangements can be made with Dr. Misa for after-hours appointments.


IVF – Acupuncture will before performed the evening before retrieval, the evening before the transfer, and as soon as possible after transfer on the same day.  Special arrangements can be made with Dr. Misa for after-hours appointments.

Pregnancy & Labour - Dr. Misa Kawasaki, ND

Is a Naturopathic Doctor part of your prenatal health care team?

Going through the different stages of your pregnancy can be challenging!  And during the appointments with your Ob-Gyn or midwife, there is often not enough time to have all your questions and concerns addressed, leaving you on your own to figure things out. Even though it causes you stomach ache and constipation, you diligently take Materna every day and wonder what other supplements you should be taking. You can’t always trust what you read on the internet or hear from others, and this can cause unnecessary worry and anxiety during your pregnancy—especially if it’s your first time being pregnant.

Our NDs understand what you are going through and will work together with your Ob-Gyn or midwife to educate you on keeping you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy and labour. Pregnancy and labour is a special privilege and natural process of life for women, NOT a pathology or a disease! Let our NDs empower you to feel more in control of your body, allow you to care for your growing baby, and most of all ENJOY your pregnancy AND labour!

What to expect from your prenatal visits

  • Consultation on dietary requirements during each trimester

  • Foods to avoid during pregnancy

  • What supplements are best for you and the baby

  • How to manage “morning sickness”, vaginal spotting, cold/flu, fever, urinary tract

  • infections and fatigue without the use of medications

  • Preventing gestational diabetes and high blood pressure

  • Natural remedies for cervical ripening and effective labour


Did you know our NDs are also providers of acupuncture during pregnancy & labour?


Acupuncture may be used for:

  • Inducing labour in a late pregnancy

  • Turning a breech baby

  • Reducing nausea

  • Decreasing anxiety and improving sleep

  • Pain management during labour

Our naturopathic office is in Oak Ridges, just a short drive from Richmond Hill, Aurora, King City, Newmarket, Markham and surrounding areas.

Pregnancy & Labour
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