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We're humbled by the many wonderful patients who enter our clinic, and the lives we've helped to restore to brilliant health through our team here at Meridian Spine + Sport. We've been blessed to share many stories and victories over the years with our patients, and they have been very kind to rave about our team to friends and family.


If you’re willing, we’d love to hear about where you were in your health before us, what your experience was like during your visits and what it’s like for you now on Google.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with you in reaching your optimal health.

Here are some testimonials from happy patients…

~ The Meridian Spine + Sport Team

P.S. A message from Dr. Misa - Thank you to my patients who have taken the time to write and submit your positive experiences about naturopathic medicine. Our regulatory board doesn't permit me to post them here online, however please know that I have read each one and am deeply appreciative of your kind words and rejoice with you in your successes!

Patient Stories

The first contact with Meridian was after I moved to Oak Ridges looking for a Chiropractor and a Massage Therapist to heal my lower back pain. As I stepped inside the clinic, I was immediately impressed by the welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, and the interior design. I met Dr. Keith Tse and Troy Miller and after I described the symptoms, Dr. Tse recommended a few sessions with Low Intensity Laser Therapy and a number of stretching exercises. Troy also suggested Massage Therapy and Reiki. After the first three sessions of alternating Laser Therapy with different techniques of Massage and Reiki , the pain decreased considerable and after two months the pain was gone. Dr. Tse and Troy were very confident about the effectiveness of the treatments and in the end they were right to be so.

A few months later, I went to the emergency room with a tremendous pain in my neck, shoulder, and arm. Due to this I was unable to move my head, to feel my fingers, to sleep, to do my job, to drive or do any other effort. The CT diagnosed me with large cervical disc herniation and the neurosurgeon said that next time when I will have the same symptoms, a surgery to replace the damaged disc should be considered.

I came into Meridian again to ask for help from Dr. Tse and Troy, and, once again, they showed their professionalism and knowledge in what they do. After two weeks of intensive (every day) Laser Therapy alternated with Massage techniques and Reiki, I was able to drive, to stop taking the painkillers and the numbness in my fingers and arm subsided. After three weeks of therapies, I was able to restart my job and to sleep better. I continued the therapies, but I progressively began decreasing the number of sessions and, after three months I was 100% better. The pain was gone, I had full function of my neck, shoulder and arm and I could return to my normal lifestyle again. Now, I go once a month to do one laser therapy and one massage session to maintain my well being, and I hope that by doing this I can delay or even eliminate completely a risky surgery.

Anyone who is in any kind of pain, strain or spasm, or even if you only want to relax, or to improve your energetic flow in your body, I highly recommend meeting these two wonderful people from Meridian Spine + Sport. They will know how to give you your smile back!!

Anca B.

Oak Ridges

I have been suffering with sciatic nerve problems for about two years. I went to other clinics for treatments and nothing really works as well as the Low Level Laser at Meridian Spine + Sport. I would recommend Low Level Laser to anyone with any kind of back problems or sciatic nerve problems.


It takes a lot less healing time and a lot less visits for healing to work. I was amazed at the outcome and benefits of getting back on your feet, for my busy lifestyle. Thank you and God bless you and I give thanks to God for wisdom.

John D.

Richmond Hill

I arrived here about 1 ½ months ago with a worried look on my face. I am sure Dr. Tse felt I was about to pass out from my concerns asking question after question and drilling him on his knowledge of the subject. As he is a very well-​mannered and calm person, he politely comforted me in making me understand the commonality of my problem and the ease of correcting it. So there was a solution to my back pain.GREAT!!!

I was excited because I felt I was being treated like a big time sports athlete as Dr. Tse mentioned the laser treatment I was about to undertake for the next several weeks was used on the Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors players. So I went out and told all my friends of which those that expressed interest I gave out Dr. Tse’s contact info.

In the end 15 treatments later I feel that this was a great success and I am very pleased with the results as my back issue feels just about normal again, which coming from a person with a short fuse on worrying about things is a very good thing. Thanks for all your help and I hope we don’t have to meet on the same circumstances again!

Michael Z.

Richmond Hill

After being diagnosed with tendonitis in my rotator cuff, I felt a full recovery was necessary to perform efficiently at work.


After following the advice of my family doctor for 4 weeks with no progress, I decided to try laser therapy with Dr. Tse.


After 2 sessions, I noticed a great deal of progress. After 8 sessions, my tendonitis was completely gone. I recommend laser therapy for anyone who wishes to make a full and expedited recovery.

Jason F.


I suffered with shoulder problems or over a year and was at my wits end looking for a cure and solution to my problem. I was referred to Dr. Tse by his colleague and when I came here to see him I didn’t know what to expect.

I was immediately impressed with the overall atmosphere and surroundings of the clinic. Dr. Tse immediately addressed my problem as tendonitis. I thereafter developed elbow and neck problems which were quickly diagnosed and promptly treated.

The laser worked well and I am much better. Not only did Dr. Tse help me, he also taught me how to prevent further injury. He is a wonderful and patient doctor and a wonderful person too! I would recommend these treatments and all of Meridian’s resources to all in need of help. Thank you and God bless!

Mauro P.

Richmond Hill

For several months I suffered from discomfort in the lower back and buttock which usually flared up during a round of golf making it very difficult to walk for several holes following the episode.

I tried various remedies from pills to relax the muscles, to stretching exercises, to the elimination from my workout program, any exercise which could potentially exacerbate the situation…all to no avail!


Finally, in desperation, I called Dr. Tse in June 2006 to explore the benefits of taking a series of low intensity laser treatments. He was confident that such treatment would be effective, and so I agreed to try. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It has been several months since my last treatment and many rounds of golf.


I am happy to state that the treatments were effective as Dr. Tse suggested they would. As a result, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Tse…in fact I have referred associates to him.

Fred K.


A co-​worker told me about laser therapy and, after a few weeks of putting it off, I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Tse. The rest is history.

My treatments took longer than the norm but I would not give up. I could feel the improvement. I had suffered for 6 years trying chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, physio therapy and prescription drugs. I had a pinched sciatic nerve and the CT scan of my spine showed facet joint osteoarthrosis, concentric disc bulging and osteophyte formation. Surgery was recommended but I opted to deal with the pain at that time.

Laser therapy and regular core stability exercises recommended by Dr. Tse have made a world of difference. I would definitely recommend laser therapy and Dr. Tse. You have nothing to lose but the pain.

Karen G.

Richmond Hill

I had chronic osteoarthritis in both shoulder joints causing severe pain. After consultation with Dr. Tse, I started laser therapy 3x/​week for 4 weeks, then 2x/​week for 2 weeks and 1x/​week for 4 weeks. I plan for maintenance care monthly.


I feel that I have 80% improvement and am thankful! I also had 6 electro-acupuncture treatments for knee pain which cleared up and 5 traditional acupuncture treatments for nerve pain in my forearm which cleared up.


Laser therapy was recommended to me by a relative who had excellent results for acute cervical pain.


I found Dr. Tse to be a very pleasant, straight-​forward and confident doctor and have recommended him to friends for treatment.

Hazel J.


For years I have suffered with arthritis in my knee where even walking would produce pain and numbness.

I have recently completed a program of laser therapy with Dr. Tse and am pleased to report that the pain is gone. I just came back from a beach vacation and even after countless hours of beach walking I was pain free.

I have also been able to play the remainder of my ice hockey season without any problems. Who knows, I may even get back on the tennis court this summer! Call Dr. Tse, it really works!



I came into Meridian in pretty bad shape. I had a kink in my neck and a few days later could not move my head and had severe pain running down my arm. I was recommended to see Dr. Tse from a family member who was also a patient in the clinic.


I have been working with Dr. Tse for almost 6 weeks and I am amazed! He has been using Laser to help heal my neck and only after one session we both saw a huge improvement.


Prior to Dr. Tse I had gone to the emergency room three times in tremendous pain and I had not really slept for three weeks because the pain was so extreme.

I can now say that I am 100% better. The chronic pain is gone, I am sleeping again, have full function of my neck and can return happily to my normal life again.


I am very thankful for Dr. Tse’s professionalism and knowledge with respect to my injury! Laser has worked wonders for me and Dr. Tse is someone I will continue to see if anything else goes wrong in the future…. Hopefully not but you never know!!!

Irene B.


I injured both of my elbows approximately four years ago from overuse & strain. I tried conventional therapy at a sports injury clinic near my home but found very little comfort or healing.

Many times the simple task of lifting a glass of water or shaking hands with someone resulted in pain. My exercise routine was a thing of the past. Each time I would try to return to the gym, even the lightest workout would be very uncomfortable.

I had all but given up on my active lifestyle until one morning when I heard a radio advertisement about Low Intensity Laser Therapy. After just three visits with Dr. Tse I began to see results. I would wake in the morning with no pain or stiffness. Upon finishing my therapy I returned to the gym & without pain. My active lifestyle is back!

Thank you Dr. Tse!

Lorne B.


Google Reviews

This place is welcoming and the staff and just brilliant. Dr. Keith is just the best chiropractor I have ever met! Had lower back pain and other issues and had it fixed quick.


Mike is one the best matrix patterning experts plus massage professional I have met. He has found so many issues that I had no clue I had with my body during the massage.


My dad in law was in the wheel chair and his mobility was impaired. Leanna really made him lose that wheelchair and move to the walker.


5 stars when it comes diagnosing what was wrong and helping him with that mind and body connection for him to walk again.


Thank you all you are the best team out there!

Anil S.

5-star Google review

Facility is well kept and clean. Staff are all friendly and very knowledgeable. I worked with Dr. Keith for the past 4 weeks while I was recovering from an ankle injury and can say that the treatment I received as well as the rehab exercises recommended by him greatly improved my recovery. I learned so much about the recovery and rehab process and Dr. Keith was always willing to answer any questions I had. His rehab exercises are definitely setting me up to prevent another injury in the future. If I had not come here for rehab I would not have the knowledge it do all these rehab exercises and would have put myself at risk of re-injury down the road.

Lok Tin C.

5-star Google review

Dr. Keith has been my family’s chiropractor for many years, managing my family’s occasional health tweaks and a chronic condition in my case. They are consummate professionals, listen, are patient, and just kind overall. The front office staff are friendly and equally professional too.

Angela M.

5-star Google review

I had two different problems at different times treated by Dr Keith. As an active league squash player, both these issues were very troublesome.

1. Costochondritis which was diagnosed and treated in a matter of a few weeks.
Neck muscle pain between shoulder blade and spine also cured in a few weeks.
Both the above treatments cured the pain and recommended exercise is helping to keep the area free of pain. Both pressure treatment as well as laser therapy worked great.

Chuck L.

5-star Google review


My family has been using the services of Meridian for 9 months now. Between me and my children we see Irene once/twice a month. Her massages are amazing! She always reminds me to let her know if more or less pressure is desired. She also provides clear instructions for post massage care and stretches. It took me awhile to find someone I can trust to work on my children and Irene has fit the bill and continues to be the best choice for my family.

Cathy R.

5-star Google review

I like the staff here. Very nice to me and they have helped with my compression socks. Worth a look if you need the services they provide.

Darren D.

5-star Google review

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