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Jasmine Chan, PT


After graduating from McMaster University with Bachelor of Science Hons. in Kinesiology, I completed my Master of Science in Physiotherapy at University of Toronto. I strongly value the culminated knowledge of rehabilitation from predecessors, so I prioritize formal and informal forms of continuing education to develop my therapeutic skills. 


I am a passionate, honest, caring, and driven practitioner who is also an attentive listener.  I am an enthusiast of all sports and a nature lover. People search for a therapist to provide remedy, and in my experience, it extends beyond their physical symptoms. We are intricately made, and inevitably, therapy is complex and multifactorial. That's why I love to listen to my clients, ask follow-up questions and then re-ask again; to explore your daily routines, habits, and observe movement patterns to piece together the story of your injury and address its root. Through manual therapy, active therapy and acupuncture, I strive to empower patients to take ownership over their health and invest in their well-being.

Jasmine's Toolbox:


Master of Science (Physical Therapy) - University of Toronto

Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) - McMaster University

Member of the Canadian and Ontario Physiotherapy Association

McMaster Acupuncture - Neurofunctional Operating System

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