Postural Improvement…Now There Is An App For That!


Most of us know that our posture is not quite as good as we’d like or our chiropractor would like 🙂

And we are all aware of the wonderful benefits that good posture can bring:

  • Look and feel even better than you already do,
  • Prevent back aches and muscle pains,
  • Decrease wear and tear on your joints,
  • Use less energy for daily tasks, and
  • Increase your spine’s flexibility and resilience.

But improving your posture requires daily effort to break out of some of the bad habits we’ve built over many years if not decades!  Stand like this, sit like that, strengthen these muscles, stretch these other muscles…there can be a lot of things to remember to do.  Where should you start?

Luckily for you, the Canadian Chiropractic Association has just released a FREE app available on your iPhone or Android device that provides step by step daily instructions on things to do to rebuild your posture.  It only takes 3 minutes per day!

Try it out!  Download the STRAIGHTEN UP CANADA app here and take the first step towards a healthier body and a healthier YOU!

Straighten Up Canada app features:

  • 12 unique posture exercises
  • Adult and youth exercise options
  • Easy to follow Image stills and video content
  • Tracking function
    • Set personal reminders
    • Track your progress
  • Share your posture exercise progress with friends through social media
  • Learn about your back and common back-related problems
  • Find a Chiropractor in your area quickly and easily
  • Read the latest blog posts on MSK health


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