Dr. Kelly Ramsay, DC

dr_kelly_ramsay_richmond_hill_oak_ridges_chiropractor_acupuncturist_meridianI have always believed that a health care provider should provide optimal care and serve in the best interests of her patients. I rely on constant self-improvement, professional development and challenge to fulfill these goals. The belief in self-responsibility for one’s health is a cornerstone of my approach with patients.

It’s important to me that a patient understands and participates in the steps required to manage or repair his/her condition. I offer current resources and options so a patient can be actively involved in his/her own healthcare. Self- care is vital in the healing process.

As a multidisciplinary practitioner, I have integrated acupuncture, soft tissue techniques such as ART, modalities including ultrasound, interferential current and laser therapy to treat a multitude of musculoskeletal conditions.  I have focused on the health needs of a diverse cross section of the community including pediatrics, pre and postnatal care, sports injuries, optimal lifestyle function and geriatrics.

The opportunity to participate in Toronto’s Pan Am 2015 games as a medical practitioner for tennis allowed me to observe the importance of interprofessional collaboration in healthcare. I am thus grateful for the opportunity to work with the healthcare team at Meridian Spine and Sport.


Certified Low Intensity Laser therapist 2016
Acupuncture Council of Ontario (ACO)
First Responder – 2014
Rock Tape 2013
Active Release certified therapist – 2002
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College – 1990

Dr. Kelly Ramsay is married and lives with her husband, daughter and dog in York Region. You can find her when she’s not in the clinic on a local tennis court chasing a yellow fuzzy ball or in her rowing skull in cottage country.